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Students Rally for Marathon Monday

Marathon Monday isn’t just for runners– for college students, it’s also known as one of the biggest parties of the year.

“What makes it really special is that you’re with all your best friends in college,” said Reed Lorimer, a member of BU’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, “and you’re all celebrating a day that doesn’t really matter except for the fact that you don’t have school.”

Many colleges in the Boston area, including BU, BC, UMass, and Tufts, close for Marathon Monday, affectionately shortened to “MarMon” by many students. Allston, a neighborhood of Boston close to mile 26 of the marathon, is a hub for student parties and other MarMon activities.

Go Figure: Skating in College

Noelle Weill, 19, talks about her experience with figure skating and being a part of the Boston University Figure Skating Team. The team is currently (2017) the national champion in collegiate figure skating.