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Students Rally for Marathon Monday

Marathon Monday isn't just for runners-- for college students, it's also known as one of the biggest parties of the year.

"What makes it really special is that you're with all your best friends in college," said Reed Lorimer, a member of BU's Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, "and you're all celebrating a day that doesn't really matter except for the fact that you don't have school."

Many colleges in the Boston area, including Boston University, Boston College, University of Massachusetts Boston and Tufts, close for Marathon Monday, affectionately shortened to "MarMon" by many students. Allston, a neighborhood of Boston close to mile 26 of the marathon, is a hub for student parties and other MarMon activities.

"Oh, it's a zoo," said Lorimer. "you walk down the street and everyone is hooting and hollering; giving you pats on the back because you're walking around with a beer in your hand in the middle of the street." What makes this particular day off so special? It's a combination of a couple things.

"It's the beginning of spring, the weather's finally turning, everybody's super wake up in the morning and it's like being a kid on Christmas," said Danielle Stonley, an Allston resident and senior at BU. All over Allston one can find college students out and about, from members of fraternities and sororities, who tend to go all out on Marathon Monday with matching group tank tops, to your average joe looking for a good time.

"you start the day celebrating with your friends," said Stonley, "but since everyone's on the same page, everyone is really friendly. On Marathon Monday, you can totally just chat people up on the street."

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